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Things were boring, to say the least. Blue was lazily reclined on the large cushion in her private room at the club, her back arched to allow her to gaze upside-down out the windows. A brilliantly bright cloud of hydrogen gas was passing by outside, backlit by a nearby star. The Tallest thought to herself as she watched the burning cloud waft past, somewhat surprised to discover the fact that she was actually missing that stupid mobster.
Things were changing quickly with her, and she knew it. Since Donato started following her around, she seemed a little less consumed with the all-to-familiar misery of loosing a close companion and even another child. The corners of her mouth tugged back to form a frown. She really hated doting on any of these things: It all just reminded her of how unnecessary she had always been to people. Perhaps if her father accepted her, to begin with, she wouldn’t have had these problems (she writhed at the thought of him); but that couldn’t have been it, no. It must just be her that’s the problem, it had to be. Everyone she had ever cared for eventually forgot her, and that’s how it always was. Being discarded had become so commonplace for her, yet she doubted she could endure it again. She had been left by three husbands so far, that was enough in her eyes. Maybe telling Donato that she would be his woman was a bad idea. Though it was hardly a tangible commitment, she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about the whole idea. Maybe it was because she had come to enjoy the sweet sting of heartache, an addict perhaps. Maybe that was the reason she kept doing it to herself.
As the pretty blue and fuchsia cloud moved on its way past the ship she heaved a heavy sigh, now connecting the stars haphazardly in her mind to form pictures for amusement. Even though she knew he was bad for her, she couldn’t help but find herself wishing hard that he was there just now. He had to go to Ulterius…He was in the Insurgo. Another mistake, she thought. Though he was only going to be there for a couple days, she was overwhelmed with boredom and loneliness. She wanted him back simply for the fact that she felt better when he was with her, just another reminder that she was getting deep into something she shouldn’t be. But love makes one irrational. The simple fact that his presence made her smile and feel like nothing else mattered was enough to keep her infatuated with the stubborn thug, despite the fact that it put them both in danger of being killed. To put it bluntly, she liked it best when he was around, because then she wouldn’t have to think like this. Her heart was weak, and she hated lying around, reminding herself over and over of what a fool she was for love.
The door slid open: ah, finally, a sweet distraction. A little girl, painted with tattoos and laden with peircings was there, and instead of entering she froze in the doorway, staring up at Blue with a mix of fear and apprehension in her gleaming purply-pink eyes. The Tallest rolled to her belly, gazing down at the female, the connection clicking in her mind. She made haste to speak up before the girl could run away,
“Hey, don’t be afraid. It’s okay…you’re that Zaafira girl, right?” Surprised, the girl nodded, her body going lax as she found she wasn’t going to be yelled at. She craned her head as she gave a reply, as if looking for something.
“Yes’m, that’s my name. But we never met, so...’m not sure how you know me, but I heard about you. Miss Blue, ‘m really sorry fer walkin’ in on ya…I didn’ know you were in here.” Zaafira said in a shy and quiet voice as she stood in the doorway awkwardly. Blue gave somewhat of a smile, sitting up. Having company was good for her right about now, getting her mind off of things was imperative at the moment and she was having a hard time doing it herself. She held her hand up and waved Zaafira closer,
“Donny told me about you. You guys are…good friends, from what I hear. So come up here and we can talk. I don’t know if he got to tell you but he had some urgent business on Ulterius…so he had to leave for a couple of days.” The little female slowly shuffled in, her large pant legs brushing together to make a soft rhythmic sweeping noise as she walked, her pullover colored in a bright palate of colors. She ducked under the curtain and daintily folded her legs underneath her as she sat on the cushion and then addressed Blue directly, trying as hard as she could to be polite,
“Yes’m, we are, an…crap, I was lookin’ fer him. I guess he couldn’ find me ta tell me he was goin’ away for a bit. Tha’s okay though, I ain’t mad. I’m only here for a little while anyhow. …Whatcha doin?” Blue smiles down at her and shrugs, sighing softly.
“Nothing, now. I was just looking out the window and tracing shapes in the stars.” Zaafira beamed at Blue, antennae perking.
“I like t’do that too, when ‘m bored…but, anyhow, I guess its good that I could finally meet you, Miss Blue. I wanted ta tell you somethin’ important…” The girl seemed unsure for a moment before she smiled again. Blue could instantly tell why Donato liked her so much. She really was charming, even though she wasn’t articulate at all. Blue simply nodded at her, glancing out the window for a moment.
“Important? About what?”
“Uhmm…about Donny. ‘M kinda worried for ‘im. He don’t tell people how he feels about stuff.” The Tallest rolled her eyes upon hearing that…that was a well known fact.
“A lot of boys are that way, hun. I know he is. I can’t say I’m not curious sometimes, but. What’s the use if they never want to say?” Zaafira just shakes her head.
“Nuh, I found ‘im all drunk not to long ago, an he was all…scribbling out long letters to ‘imself and stuff. I had to throw a fit to get the thing from ‘im, he was gonna burn it…” Zaafira pauses and reaches down into a large pocket in her pants, producing a folded stack of papers that looked as if they had been in there for days. She shoves them into Blue’s hand, looking to her eagerly as if to bid her to read them. “It was important. Important fer you to see, cause…yer s’posed t’be his woman, an he writes about you in there…a little, and he writes about other stuff I don’ understand, but I figured you might, and that maybe you could help make ‘im feel better. I can’t tell wha’s wrong all by myself.” She rocked a little on the cushion, half in boredom, and half in impatience while she waited for Blue to read the notes. Blue just seemed surprised at receiving the notes, and after slight hesitation began to open them to read. Hopefully this would offer some clue to what that stubborn man was thinking about all the time…
Zaafira watched her carefully as she read the pages. Blue seemed to smirk lightly at the beginning, but that soon faded to a blank expression. Somewhere near the middle she shook her head, muttering something along the lines of ‘you shouldn’t have read this, Zaafira’ under her breath. Instead of retorting the girl just sat and watched the Tallest, knowing it wasn’t the time to backtalk or make jokes. Another minute or so passed, and when Blue was finaly on the last page, the tears came. Zaafira observed quietly as they welled up in the bottom of Blue’s eyes, the pools swelling to breaking point and then spilling down both of her cheeks which were now tinged with a deep emerald blush. In that moment after she had read the last word, she sat…and then looked up to meet the bright eyes of the girl in front of her. On most occasions she would have been ashamed of her tears…but somehow this was different. Blue leaned forward to put her arms around the small girl, to which Zaafira responded by outstretching her arms to receive the distressed Tallest. It was nice to have someone to hug onto, Blue thought. After a good few moments had passed and she had composed herself enough, Blue spoke softly to Zaafira in a strained voice, still leaning on her.
“I have to thank you for saving this letter from being burned…” Her lips curled into a weak smile as she sat up, wiping her face with her forearm to make herself at least a little more presentable. Zaafira returns the smile briefly and nods.
“I cried too when I read it. But y’should be happy you got someone that loves yeh that much. I know I’d be happy. Anyway…I thought you should have it, cause you’d understand what he wrote more than I would…But he told me not to show no one…so…It’s a secret, kay?”
“Okay…thank you, Zaa.” The girl nodded and bounced back up onto her feet, stepping away slowly towards the door.
“I think I gotta go soon…Aku’s gettin’ off soon, I’ll be back later. Bye Miss Blue, it was nice t’meet ya.”
“You too…” Blue said quietly as the girl slipped out the door and the room was quiet again. This letter…this letter certainly changed a lot of things. She really had no idea before, she had no way to gauge whether what she was getting into was a mistake or not. She read that he was willing to die to be with her. Then, if he was, she would be willing to risk herself for him as well. She gave another shaky smile, tucking the papers in her back pocket. After reading those words she didn’t feel nearly as afraid of being abandoned, and she felt like doing all she could to give him a good life, one that he deserved to have after he had been through so much. Blue didn’t know what she could do to achieve that, her head was swimming…but she did know that things would end happily ever after. She wanted to believe it. It had been such a long time since she was able to…
She made herself comfortable and turned to look out the window again, mentally tracing out the form of two hearts in the random spatter of stars as another glowing red and magenta cloud of gas wisped by.
this story is based around the letter Donato wrote, here


Zaafira had a temper tantrum in order to make him give it to her and in turn she took it and gave it to Blue, because she thought Blue should have it.

Now, I havent written anything presentable, ever. This is actualy my first submission of writing. I dont think I've ever finished but one or two short stories, and they're old and terrible. =p So be easy on me. I'm not a writer, I'm an artist.
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crystalofchaos Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it a lot. I remeber reading the one in the comments a few months back. The only thing I even see wrong in the story is that it ocassionally switches from past to present tense, other than that your diction is marvelous and you wove it together quite beautifully. I'd love to see more writing from you Blue.
thetallestblue Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Oh yeah..I do that. I suck at writing. =|
crystalofchaos Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
its ok I did the same thing in a few of my written works so its no big deal but don't ever let an English professor see that. Seriously I speak from experience. ._.;
FailureAtEvil Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2007
I don't know why you keep saying you can't write, Blue. Once I found the time, slow reader for the lose, I really enjoyed this. <33 Write moar.
thetallestblue Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Noe it sucks ;-;
FailureAtEvil Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Noee it don't. D:
ChromePiggy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thetallestblue Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
Murd3r3r Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
.-. Poor Bloo....
NeoSilverThorn Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
BowserBoy Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007
You say you're just an artist, but this is still really good. o-o I always envy people's ability to string sentences together so well. I find my always going on too long with too many commas or too block like in structure. I've been talkin with my English teacher about that. o-x

But yeah, nice job Bloo.
Irish-Invader Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007

That made me cry.
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